The SDS is working on humanitarian grounds for equality
and equity peace and justice in the society



SDS Objectives

  • initiate and educate communities into the dynamics of community organizations; 
  • Formation and capacitate marginalized groups of the societies to understand their rights through social mobilization and capacity building 
  • promote the understanding of the people on socio-political issues; 
  • To advocate and ensured participation of marginalized groups for good governance in decision making through socio-political education 
  • foster organizational provision of innovative initiatives for women aiming at carving social and economic space for them in the rural polity 
  • facilitate NGOs/CBOs in designing long-term programs aiming at the provision of basic civic amenities; 
  • enlighten the policy-making bodies and international development agencies about socio-economic developments and issues emerging at the grassroots level; 
  • create awareness and promote the concept of good governance among CBOs/NGOs and public representatives; 
  • sensitize the human rights, women rights and child rights violation issues in the public; 
  • Highlight the socio political issues through media dialogues, public forums, seminars, and advocacy campaign in the existing system; and 
  • Lobbying with public representative and official for good governance sustainable human development. 
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Our Projects


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