Previous Projects

Sindh Development Society
Sr. #Description of Projects/ActivitiesLocationYear (duration)Donor/SponsorAmount (Pak-Rupees)
Advocacy for Women Empowerment in Sindh
1Gender Equity Program and 16Days of ActivismMatiaryi, Sanghar, Umerkot,  Mirpur khas, Tharparkar2011Aurat Foundation/USAID   2,849,000
2Women Help LineHyderabad, Sindh2008 to 2011Madadgar   1,193,547
3Ensuring Greater Participation of Voters in the ElectionJamshoro, Tando Mohammad Khan, Tando Allah Yar2007-2008UNDP   3,770,500
4Ending Violence against WomenHyderabad,  Dadu, Jamshoro,Naushero Feroz, Khairpur Mirs and SukkurApril 2004-May 2007Oxfam-GB, Paksitan   7,000,000
5Ending Violence against Women in Police CustodyHyderabad, Sukkur, Dadu, Jamshoro, and Khairpur Mirs2007Oxfam-GB,  Sindh315,100
6Gender Justice through  Musalihat Anjuman ProjectNawabshah, Sanghar, Dadu, Shilkarpur, Jacobabad Districts of Sindh Province2005-2006UNDP/Local Govt.   1,500,000
7Citizen’s Campaign for Women Representation in Local Government (Phase-II)Hyderabad2005-2006Aurat Foundation      285,000
8NGONet for Women and Children Rights in PakistanProvince of SindhApril 2004-May 2006KESSA “DIMITRA”   2,938,619
9Study Circle ProgramHyderabad2004-2005CWS      200,000
10Promoting Peace and Economic Rights Through Labor Councilors in Local Govt.HyderabadApril 2002-April 2004PILER      250,000
11Raising Awareness against Karo Kari and Violence against WomenHyderabad, Dadu, Larkana2002-2003Oxfam-GB, Sindh      700,000
12Citizen’s Campaign for Women Representation in Local Government (Phase-I)Hyderabad, Taluka Kotri and Thano Bolla Khan 2001-2002Aurat Foundation      440,000
13Aware and Advocate Public about Violence against Women especially Karo KariLarkana, Naushehro Feroz, Sukkur, Hyderabad, Khairpur, Ghotki and ShikarpurNov. 2001- Nov. 2002Henrich Boll Foundation      290,000
14Advocacy on Socio-political Issues (Good Governance)Hyderabad Division2000SAP-Pak      313,000
15Women Legal Education ProgramBadin, Dadu and Hyderabad2001SNPO      160,000
16Campaign against Karo KariInterior Sindh1999Action Aid      305,000
17Raising Awareness on Worst Forms of Child LaborSindh1998ILO      300,000
18Women Awareness Program (Follow up)Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Larkana, Sukkur1998Heinric Boll Foundation      333,000
19Women Awareness Program (conferences)Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Larkana, Sukkur1997Heinric Boll Foundation        15,000
20Ending Torture and ill Treatment of Women in Police CustodyHyderabad, Sukkur, Shikaar Pur and Noushehro Feroze2011 to 2013Oxfam GB 238, 38000
21Ending Torture and ill Treatment of Women in Police CustodyNaushero, Sukkur, Khairpur Mirs2013Oxfam GB10,113,952
22End All Violence Against WomenJamshoro2013WeCan2,094,480
25Engendering ChangeJamshoro2014WeCan62,205
26Ending all Violence against women at Door stepDadu2015Oxfam GB5,738,100
Women Empowerment
1Empowering Women through Micro CreditQasimabad, Hyderabad2004-2006Orangi Pilot Project (OPP/OCT)   2,000,000
2Vocational Centre for Working GirlsVillage Budho Palari, Hyd.2000Australian High Commission      106,000
3Women Workers Product CentreKhuda ki Basti, Kotri1997Oxfam-GB, Sindh      107,000
4Empowerment of Women for the Reduction of Gender Based Violence (GBV)Jamshoro2013Trocaire1,375,272
5Supporting Women for CNIC RegistrationThatta2013Asia Foundation GEP1,750,000
6Empowerment of Women for the Reduction of Gender Based Violence (GBV)Jamshoro2014Trocaire6,614,449
7Empowerment of Women for the Reduction of Gender Based Violence (GBV)Jamshoro2015Trocaire9,145,493
1Helping girls into school through School improvement and advocacyShahdadkot and Dadu2011 to 2012Oxfam Hong Kong   3,698,000
2Community Learning Centre (CLC)Districts Sukkur, Noshero Feroz and Khairpur Mirus,Sindh ProvinceApril – Dec 2011UNESCO / SEF   1,710,900
3Community Learning Centre (CLC)District Sukkur2009-2010UNESCO / SEF   2,660,900
4Women Empowerment and  Women Literacy ProgramTando Alah Yar2011Sindh Education Foundation (SEF)      584,919
5Post Literacy for Youth and Adult3 Union Councils, Taluka Tando Allah YarMay 2005 – Aug. 2005ESRA-USAID        90,000
6Adult Literacy Program (Women)HyderabadDec. 2004 – Apr. 2005NCHD      156,250
7Non Formal Education Centre (20)Hyderabad1999- 2007Literacy Commission Pakistan   3,240,000
8Youth and Adult Literacy Program3 Union Councils, Taluka Tando Allah YarSep. 2004 – Feb. 2005ESRA-USAID   2,266,450
9Helping girls into school through School improvement and advocacyDadu and shahdadkot2013Oxfam GB1,897,219
10Right to EducationJamshoro2013WeCan737,640
11Rural Based Community SchoolsHyderabad Rural2013SEF10,182,000
12Girls EducationJamshoro2014WeCan677,211
13Rural Based Community SchoolsHyderabad Rural2014SEF5,250,000
14Knowledge & Behavior Change of Teachers & Local Communities  towards health issues, including Immunization of ChildrenJamshoro2014UNESCO  507,000
15Rural Based Community SchoolsHyderabad Rural2015SEF3,937,500
16Take a Child to School TACSJamshoro, Hyderabad2015British Council1,658,000
17CGN for Take a Child to School TACSJamshoro2015British Council128,000
18Children Assembly & AssessmentHyderabad2015WeCan810,842
19Right to EducationHyderabad2015WeCan181,305
Reproductive Health/HIV/AIDS
1Family Health Centre (FHC)Tando Allah Yar2010-2012NATPOW      177,800
2HIV/AIDS Prevention Injecting Drug Users (IDUs) Pilot ProjectHyderabadFeb. 2005- Feb.2007Interact Worldwide/EU1825500
3Prevention of STI/HIV/AIDS Amongst Female Sex Worker (FSWs)HyderabadSept. 2003-Dec.2004Green Star Social Marketing/UNFP      480,000
4Community Health Care & Population Planning CentreVillage Budho Palari, HyderabadFeb.2000 – Feb 2003Trust for Voluntary Organization   2,671,529
5Family Welfare CentreVillage Mohammad Khan Bagrani, Hyderabad2001Family Planning Association of Pakistan (FPAP)      210,000
6Family  Welfare CentreNago Shah1998-1999NATPOW      172,800
7Family Welfare CentrePathan Goth1998-1999NATPOW      172,800
Early Recovery / Emergency Response
1Provision For Livelihood Support To 4273 Flood EffectedDistrict Noshero Feroz, Sindh2011 to 2012UNDP34,726,518
2Establishment of Child Friendly SpacesDistrict Sanghar, SindhMay-Aug 2012World Vision   1,954,000
3Scaling up Flood Emergency Education Response in  SindhNosheroferoz & Tando Mohammad KhanNov 2011 – Jan 2012UNICEF   2,826,800
4“Ensuring psychological and social support through Women Friendly Spaces (WFSs) in flood affected areas of SindhSanghar, Benazir Abad and Khair Pur22nd Nov 2011 to 31 Dec 2011UNFPA   1,897,800
5Flood Response Scaling Up TLC In IDP Shelters In SindhDistrict Jamshoro, Taluka Kotri, Hyderabad, Sindh Province2010UNICEF      942,050
6Establishment of Child Friendly SpacesSanghar2013World Vision1,479,052
7Promoting Improved Livelihood for Informal Sector WorkersHyderabad Rural2015Aurat Foundation2,975,105
8Rehabilitation & Reintegration of Women Survivors of VAWSukkur Saleh Patt2015NRSP-SGAFP5,147,000
Environment/Water Sanitation and Hygine
1Water AidQasimabad, Hyderabad, Sindh2008 to 2011OPP-RDT      823,796
2Safe Drinking WaterTando AllahyarJan. 2007-Dec.2007TVO      694,260
3Environmental Protection Education and Training ProgramHyderabad, Dadu1996Environment Division, Govt. Sindh      100,000
4River Bond ConstructionHyderabad1995Oxfam-GB, Sindh        30,000
5Flood Relief ProgramVillage Jan Mohd. Shoro1995Oxfam-GB, Sindh 87,00
6Consulate General of Japan  for Provision of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Facilities for 25 SchoosJamshoro2015Consulate General of Japan  Japan Embassy5, 204,497
Survey and Research
1National Pre-Election SurveyHyderabad, Dadu2007The Researcher, Islamabad        55,000
2Honor Killing and Jirga System in Interior SindhInterior Sindh2005Oxfam-GB        50,000
3Need Assessment TrainingDadu and Shikarpur2005UNDP/Local Government      125,000
4Case Study of Karo KariInterior Sindh2003Heinrich Boll Foundation        40,000
Short Awareness Raising Activities/Exposures/trainings
Advocacy and Human Rights
1Celebration of Women International DayDaduMar-07Oxfam -GB      800,000
2Stand up against Poverty  (MDG)Sindh2006-2007Insan Foundation      200,000
3Democracy, State and SecuritySindh Museum HyderabadDec. 25, 2004CHIP-Islamabad        72,000
4Sindh Nari SeminarSindh Language Authority, HyderabadMar-04Oxfam-GB      100,000
5Sindh Nari SeminarSindhology, JamshoroMar-03Oxfam-GB        80,000
6Democracy, Fundamentalism and LegislationHyderabad2002Oxfam-GB        45,000
 Basic Human Rights and Family LawsHyderabad2002Local Resources        20,000
7International Women’s DayHyderabad2002Heinrich Boll Foundation        70,000
8International Women’s DayHyderabad2001Actionaid, Pakistan        65,000
9Jinnah’s Concept of Pakistan and People of SindhHyderabad2001BDCC        20,000
10Human Rights and People of SindhHyderabad2001Local Resources        15,000
11Seminar on Violence against WomenKhairpur2001Heinrich Boll Foundation        40,000
12Seminar on Violence against WomenShahdad Kot2001Heinrich Boll Foundation        40,000
13Seminar on Violence against WomenGhotki2001Heinrich Boll Foundation        40,000
14Workshop on Youth against HungerHyderabad2000Local Resources        12,000
15Workshop on Human RightsHyderabad1999SAP-Pak        25,000
16Celebration of Women International DaySindh Museum Hyderabad1998Shirkat Gah        95,000
17LEAD PakistanJamshoro2014LEAD Pakistan254,762
18Introducing Dual Cropping TechniquesJamshoro2015LEAD Pakistan172,738
 Reproductive Health/HIV/AIDS
1Fight against Harms and Hazards of HIV/AIDSBasnat Hall, HyderabadDec. 1, 2004Actionaid, Pakistan        50,000
2Free Medical CampsRural areas of Hyderabad, District2002-2003Local Resources      200,000
3Seminar on ”Men Make a Difference in campaign against HIV/AIDS”City Gate Hotel, Hyderabad2002Local Resources        20,000
4AIDS Awareness Seinar for Youth and TeachersHyderabadNov.2001SACP, Sindh        45,000
5Walk on PolioQasimabad2000Local Resources          5,000
6Walk on World Population DayQasimabad, Hyderabad2000Local Resources          5,000
7Seminar on ”Role of Media in Elimination of HIV/AIDS”City Gate Hotel, Hyderabad2000SACP, Sindh        20,000
8Seminar on ‘Better Health of Mother and Child’Kotri1999Local Resources        15,000
9Workshop with Youth on PopulationHyderabad1998Local Resources        15,000
Capacity Building    
13-Day Workshop on Local Government System under SLGO 2001Zila Secretariat HyderabadMarch 11-13, 2008Distt. Govt.Hyd.      120,000
2Project Management Cycle and Project Proposal Writing (nine days)City gate Hotel Hyderabad2005KESSA “DIMITRA”      325,000
3Human Rights Training g (Nine days)City gate Hotel Hyderabad2005KESSA “DIMITRA”      325,000
4Fund Raising (six days)City gate Hotel Hyderabad2006KESSA “DIMITRA”      225,000
5Personal Computer and New Technology (four days)City gate Hotel Hyderabad2006KESSA “DIMITRA”      160,000
6Communication Skills and self Confidence BuildingDadu and Shikarpur2005UNDP/Local Government      360,000
7Gender Sensitization and Legal LiteracyDadu and Shikarpur2006UNDP/Local Government      360,000
8Two days’ workshop on Monitoring and EvaluationCity Gate Hotel, HyderabadJune 20,2005SAP-Pak 60,00
9 Study VisitNGOS  of Hyderabad2001Local Resource        10,000
10Study VisitNGOs of Khairpur2001Oxfam-GB25000
11Educational exposure VisitHyderabad to Lahore1999Oxfam-GB47100
12Five Days training Workshop on Labor LawsHyderabad1998PILER75000