Systems in Place

Sindh Development Society

The 20 years of community development experience and growth of SDS as an autonomous body has laid to develop complete systems and code of conducts.  It has the following Section to operate and function as per their responsibilities.

  1. Finance and Administration
  2. Project/Program  Development Unit
  3. IT Section
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation
  5. HR Section
  6. Logistics and Procurement
  7. Security

In order to function properly a well-designed mechanism is available which is guided through the well-organized policies and procedures. SDS has the following approved polices.

  1. Social Mobilization Policy
  2. Finance Policy and Manual
  3. Administration policy
  4. Procurement
  5. M&E

Project Monitoring and Evaluation System (PMES)

Strong Monitoring and Evaluation System is available in Sindh Development Society. Every year annual operational plan is designed in the month of December to plan all the activities to be implemented in the year. The detailed planning reflects the roles and responsibilities against each milestone/activity. This Annual operational plan is prepared by the M&E Section of SDS and circulated for the inputs and the feedback. The final plan is presented before the board for approval. SDS M&E section tracks the progress of the activities planned in the proposed year. 

Quarterly planning is also the part of regular monitoring exercise. Quarterly meeting is called at the end of every quarter to discuss the progress. Likewise the progress of all four quarters is discussed and monitored regularly.

At the end of every year, annual meeting is done. This meeting is proposed to see the overall progress of SDS in the year and future planning.

Other M&E related events also occur in SDS. Preparation of log frame, M&E framework is the regular exercises conducted.  There are arrangements for the Midterm and final evaluation as well.

A full M&E section is available in SDS including M&E Manager, M&E Officer and database officer.

Financial Management

SDS maintains its accounts in the standards format and makes these transparent and open for the public inspection. It has audited its accounts it is established. It appoints Chartered Accountants every year as its auditors.

SDS Policies / Committees / Manuals


  1. Whistle Blowing Policy/ Anti-Fraud Policy
  2. Internal Recruitment Policy
  3. Data Backup & Storage policy
  4. Exit Interview policy
  5. Internal Loan policy
  6. Complaint policy
  7. Audit rotation policy
  8. Policy Manual of segregation of Duties
  9. Gender policy


  • Finance Committee
  • Sexual Harassment committee [SHC]    
  • Purchasing committee
  • Terms of reference of interview panel committee


  • Financial
  • Administrative
  • Human Resource